Korea Design Challenge 2013

"Back to the origin of KOREA: SansangMadang meets Kikkerland Design."

KOREA DESIGN CHALLENGE 2013 was held by KT&G SansangMadang as the third year award in collaboration with Kikkerland Design Inc., who introduce the excellence of Korean creative design to the whole world through the global culture exchange.

This year's theme was 'Back to the Origin of KOREA', which reminds us Korean design's originality and gentleness. It also delivers meanings to the people as a work beyond the product.

KT&G SansangMadang supports consistently Korean local designers to turn their vivid imagination into the real things and this project continues the line of this objective. A collaboration partner, Kikkerland where creativity runs rampant and even the most utilitarian gadget becomes a delightful discovery, supports our philosophy we pursue, 'totally different new imagination'.

So are you ready to enjoy Korean unique and fun imagination with KT&G SansangMadang?

*As the main motif of the Korea unique design, 553 submissions were in this year's award, KOREA DESIGN CHALLENGE 2013. Creativity, mechandising plan and marketability were considered during the initial screening, and finally 33 items were selected through the workshop with designers and professionals for about a month.*

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